Background for this post:

I woke up early this morning and found out that my mom called in “sick” for work. I walked into the living room and found her going through old pictures of me. She found a picture of me and my original karate class , i guess i was about 5 yrs. old in the picture , and she started to name all the students. I did not remember any of their names but I did remember my teachers’ names. Then she said,”Do you remember the little Mexican boy from Tony’s Taekwondo? I think he died in a fire”. I was shocked and said that I didn’t.  She told me that after I stopped going to Tony’s ( I left shortly after earning my black belt, so i guess i was 11 or 12)  ,she read that the boy, his sister, and his mother all died in an electrical fire in their apartment. The father was the only one left and won the lawsuit against the electrical company.   My mom told me that the kid used to run around the dojang ( taekwondo school) and pretend to be a monkey ( i sorta remember this happening) and that the dad was very friendly.  She didnt tell because she knew it would upset me . SHE WAS RIGHT! It has been bothering me all day! I am usually the type of person to be openly thankful for something , encourage the feeling of being thankful, or openly mourn the death of a person because i think it’s normally a forced feeling. But , the fact that I am sitting here typing this blog post in a nice warm college library is amazing.   I got to grow up and make awesome friends ,while that kid died in a horrible fire.  I dont know what else to write so I am going to stop.


Summary: Just be thankful for your life and the things around you this holiday season.


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About xthestraightedgeotakux

I'm a 19 year old college student . I am Straight Edge ( a drug, alcohol, tobacco, promiscuity-free lifestyle) and very proud! I am very interested in Japanese language and culture. I enjoy manga/anime and I frequent conventions
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