New York Anime Festival/New York Comic Con. Fun? Yeah , if you chose to have a fun time

I am seeing a lot of people complaining about the con via facebook/ other social media , so this is my response.  I was disappointed in this year’s con as well, but I do understand why certain things happened.  I assume Reed felt that NYAF was not pulling in the attendance they wanted so they combined it with NYCC. The only bad thing is that comic fans are a different crowd, they are typically older than us ( us being 14- 25) and are more mainstream. Comic fans may not understand us so maybe that explains why some felt looked down upon.  Also , since they are much older than us they may have a bad experience of anime . In the old days , anime was unknown and tended to draw in what we would call “the creepers” or we  could just be annoying . We ( anime fans) tend to be in the our teens and are often loud. Not mention, there’s the whole yaoi thing . Aside from comic nerds, there were also a variety of other nerds . I saw Trekkies , Star Wars fans, gamers ,etc.  So with those different groups all mixing together something was bound to happen.

Next, Peter is not totally at fault. I am sure he was just following what his bosses were telling him and he probably wouldve liked to see NYAF get a bigger part at the con. Lest, we forget he is the reason  the “New York Anime Scene” exists. Without NYAF or the Kinokuniya events, most of us would not know each other .  He worked his ass off to support NYAF and did his best.  So let’s give him a break ,huh? To me  going to NYAF is like going home. It’s usually the con everyone goes to and I get to see people i havent seen in a couple months. Not to mention, I wouldn’t have met the people who i consider some of my best friends ( cimi, roger, sana , etc) without NYAF 2007. Yeah , it took about 2 years to get everyone in their “rightful” places and some unfortunate events but still I wouldnt know them without NYAF.

I did have fun at this con ,though. I went to some very informative panels: the Aniplex USA panel, the Durarara panel, the Funimation panel , the Anime News Network panel, and an awesome culinary manga panel ( given by Erin from ANN. She writes the  Shelf Life column) . I found out a lot of cool stuff and even celebrated my 19th birthday on the saturday of NYAF.

Disappointing ? Yep

Worth it? Yep

In the end, all I have to say is,  make the best of the situation you are in and have fun.



About xthestraightedgeotakux

I'm a 19 year old college student . I am Straight Edge ( a drug, alcohol, tobacco, promiscuity-free lifestyle) and very proud! I am very interested in Japanese language and culture. I enjoy manga/anime and I frequent conventions
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